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Mobilus telefonas Pardavimas parduotuvė

35,onetel,Shepherds Bush Market, London W128DE, England, United Kingdom Reg no:04226697 VAT number 744032068 1 PORTAL WAY, LONDON, W3 6RS For Currency Exchange Visit INTRODUCTION OF OUR COMPANY Onetel-plaza is a reliable electronics company that has been contracted by Apple iphone,nokia phone company in finland and however,onetel does not only deal with its products but sell other mobile phones and electronics with full accessories.ours is truly business,flexible services and good payment method respectively.our prices are listed categorically below (SPECIFICATION) (european/usa-specifications) general network gsm 900/gsm 800/gsm 1900 platform - tri band (gsm900 1800 1900 MHz:countries where manufactured: Finland,Usa and Hungary BLACKBERRY CELLPHONES: Blackberry Storm 9500 245usd Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 230usd Blackberry Bold 9000 235usd Blackberry Curve 8300 230usd Blackberry 7100t 210usd Blackberry 8820 200usd NOKIA cellphones: Nokia N97 32GB 500USD Nokia N85 250usd Nokia N79 280usd Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte 350usd Nokia 3610 Doble 150usd Nokia 7610 supernova 140usd Nokia 7510 supernova 135usd Nokia 7310 supernova 130usd Nokia 7210 supernova 170usd Nokia E71 215usd Nokia E66 210usd Nokia 6600 200usd Nokia 6600 230usd Nokia N96 16GB 350usd Nokia N95 8GB 240usd Nokia N95 4GB 220usd Nokia N78 250usd Nokia N82 8GB 210usd Nokia N81 8GB 170usd Nokia 7900 Prism 150usd Nokia 8600 Luna 220usd SAMSUNG PHONES: Samsung M8800 Pixon 220usd Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani 270usd Samsung M3200 Beat 200usd Samsung A837 Rudby 200usd Samusng M200 210usd Samsung F268 210usd Samsung D980 270usd Samung i8510 Innov8 275usd Samsun Omnia i900 300usd SONY ERICSSON: Sony Ericsson Satio Idou 500usd Sony Ericsson W995 250usd Sony Ericsson Yari 220usd Sony Ericsson Aino 260usd Sony Ericsson G705 230usd Sony Ericsson T303 135usd Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 350usd Sony Ericsson G900 190usd Sony Ericsson G700 185usd Sony Ericsson G700 Business Edition 180usd Sony Ericsson W980 170usd Sony Ericsson P1 230usd APPLE iPhones cellphones Apple Iphone 4GB 145usd Apple Iphone 8GB 150usd Apple Iphone 16GB 250usd Apple Iphone 32GB (iGod Toque) 350usd Apple Toque 16GB 300usd 3G Apple Iphone 4GB 140usd 3G Apple Iphone 8GB 180usd 3G Apple Iphone 16GB 250usd 3G Apple Iphone 32GB 300usd HTC PHONES: HTC G1 HTC Touch HD 300usd HTC Touch 3G 270usd HTC Touch VIVA 180usd HTC S740 200usd HTC Touch Cruise 215usd HTC Touch Dual 210usd VIDEO GAMES: Sony Playstation 3 60GB 200 Sony Playstation 3 80GB 220 Nintendo Wii 175 X-box 160 X-box Prenium 190 OUR POLICY Our services are on first come first serve basis , we transact sales with clients in America ,Europe, Asia and Africa via the internet. RETURN POLICY You may return the item within thirty 30 days of delivery. Products with Manufacturer Warranty which exceed 40 days, could be returned directly to the manufacturer according to their instructions. OUR TERM We ship to any destination/s less than 3 days after confirming your payment for the order or phones demanded for . We supply through FedEx,DHL,UPS,TNT shipping company for distribution of our goods worldwide. Mode of Payment We accept the following payment method (1)Cash /western union and money gram on units (2)Bank transfer on bulk (3)PayPal on bulk Delivery Time:3 Working Days Via FedEx,DHL,UPS,TNT Working Hours:247 Be rest assured that you will never regret buying from us, the delivery will be to your doorstep via FedEx,DHL,UPS,TNT Courier service. And the Tracking number shall be sent to you upon acknowledgment of your payment Our Messenger Contact OnlineMSN and Yahoo ID: holtsrich009

Vardas: Onetelplaza
Miestas: Vilnius
Tel: +27749973127

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